6 Simple ways to improve your productivity

What are the steps you can take to gain more time and get more done in your business? We have gathered the simplest but the most effective ways to improve your productivity. Almost instantly 1. Keep your energy high The first step to keep up with the daily game is to have enough fuel. You […]

We have gathered the simplest but the most effective ways to improve your productivity. Almost instantly

1. Keep your energy high

The first step to keep up with the daily game is to have enough fuel. You know, you won’t go far without the fuel…

How to go about that?

Get your sleep. Not during the day ? Make sure you get enough, high quality sleep during the night. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, lack of temper and lack of focus. This does not translate well to business results.

Drink your water. Drinking water and brain function are integrally linked. Lack of water to the brain can cause problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches. (And many other symptoms).

Move. Exercising in the morning is the perfect energy boost for your work. Not only it will make you happier but also smarter and more productive. When you read about successful people most of them have some morning routine that includes exercising.
Even short workout or a brisk walk will give your brain a boost for the whole day.

2. Plan your day an evening before


Those few minutes the night before can make a huge difference to your next day.

Every night think of what you want or need to accomplish the next day. Ticking it off the next day will provide additional boost of motivation.

This is the easiest way to remember to work on tasks that will move you forward and not only on tasks on hand. The feeling of accomplishment is a great way to be even more productive the next day, so keep it up.


3. Batch your work


Are you checking email every 20 minutes? Or maybe you have notification on and check every single one as it comes?

Every time you become distracted, it takes an average of 15 minutes to regain complete focus. Unless you are intentionally managing your time, there is a very good chance that you operate in a constant state of unfocused response. If that’s the case, you are not being nearly as effective or productive as you could be.

Batching means dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks to decrease distraction and increase productivity. The multitasking is a myth.

Next time you plan your day, set the blocks of time for doing your tasks in batches, you can do it with:

– running errands
– managing email inbox
– creative work
– telephone calls
– etc.

Better yet – once you determine which tasks are repetitive and don’t have to be done by you, you can outsource the to the VA. Think how much time and productivity you can free up by not spending it on mundane tasks.

Time is money, so make sure you spend yours on making money.

4. Prioritize


You want to avoid at all cost being busy in your business but not doing the most important tasks. Those are the tasks that move your business forward and bring money.

Planning your day focus on those tasks and mark them as the top ones that need to be done.

If you have any time left, then you can spend it on less important tasks. There are no excuses

For the tasks that need to be done but are not important – might be urgent or time sensitive but don’t have to be done by you. Get help. Outsource them.

Fortunately you don’t have to get the the full-time employee to get this kind of help. You can hire business help that will skillfully do it for you.


5. Stop procrastinating


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have tasks on our list that we’d rather not do. So, we keep moving them farther down the list and do almost anything we can to avoid those distasteful jobs.

It might be that extra paperwork or monthly expense reports. Everyone have their own least favourite activities.

There are two things you can do. First check which of those tasks you have to do yourself.

Those that can be done by someone else – outsource. It is easy now to find a person for few hours a week or month to help you.

Those you have to do yourself – break them down. One big task is often overwhelming. Breaking a big task into multiple line items makes it more manageable. You have your end goal, but by reducing it to its smaller components, you can actually get to do it, bit by bit.




6. Declutter

You can’t be productive and effective if your environment is cluttered.

This is true for your room, your desk, your computer. Get rid of thing you don’t need and keep the rest in order. So every time you need something, you know where to find it. But you don’t have to look all the time at the pile of documents to be sorted.

After finishing your work, take just few minutes tu put everything back. on it’s place. This will provide a great, uncluttered start the next day.

If you are short on time, the processes in your business might need decluttering too. Working with a good VA can help you get back your time by streamlining the work you do.

Those simple steps can massively improve your productivity. And the results you get from your time.

What are your proven ways to become more productive during the day? Share so we can all learn and grow.

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