Code Of Conduct

Please read carefully.

Our mission is to connect good business people with good VAs and business support people, to deliver services which allow them to free up time and work on their business and not in their business.

  1. Tradespeople (VAs) quote on jobs when they are available and interested in the work.
  2. Clients review and choose the tradesperson (VA) that’s right for them.

A key part of this process is our ratings system, where Clients review the ratings and feedback our other Clients have written. In addition the Trade Businesses can also rate and review the Clients.

We know that Clients expect high quality work, honesty and reliability – and that they’ll be charged a fair market rate for the work. They also only want to engage with tradespeople who act responsibly, behave politely and are generally nice to work with.

When joining our service we ask all of our tradespeople (VAs) to follow these basic principles:

  • Be polite and courteous when dealing with Clients and potential Clients
  • Communicate clearly and completely what will be done, and when.
  • Set clear timing of payments.
  • Perform work to a high standard and adhere to the relevant industry standards.
  • Deliver on what was agreed to be delivered.
  • Create a satisfied customer.

Tradespeoples’ accounts, ratings, profile content, and performances may be monitored to ensure our Code of Conduct and Trade Business User Agreement are being met. We shall remove tradespeople from our service who don’t adhere to the standards and principles found in this Code of Conduct.

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